The inhabitants of the province of Dalarna, or Dalecarlia as it is often called abroad, have always been freedom-loving and ready to defend their freedom. They took the field when their kings called, but they also rebuked those monarchs who violated fundamental democratic principles.


From 1542 there have existed more or less permanent military units in Dalarna. The official year for the founding of Dalregementet, the regiment of Dalarna, is 1625. The regiment existed for 375 years before it was disbanded in the year 2000.


In 1796 Dalregementet got its first permanent training area in Rommehed, where one of our two museums is established in one of the old blockhouses in the camp area.


In 1909 the regiment moved to a new, modern four-storey barracks in Falun. In 1975 a regimental museum was established within the barrack grounds and that is where it is today.

The museum in Rommehed was inaugurated on the twentieth of May 2006


Opening hours Rommehed
June 1 - August 31: Wednesdays and Sundays  13.00-17.00
September 1 - May 31:
as arranged


Opening hours Falun

Tuesdays and Saturdays 13.00 - 17.00

For more information contact:

Dalregementets museer
Box 701
791 29 FALUN

Joint museum office in Falun Tfn: 023-451 30   Fax: 023-450 85

The Rommehed  museum Tfn: 0243-233 700